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 BabyBond3D Ultrasound began in 2017 by Julia Mayes a fully Qualified Sonographer providing Non-diagnostic, Non-Medical ultrasounds. Julia qualified in 2002 with a Diploma of Medial Ultrasound and has scanned in General Ultrasound with a special interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. In that time thousands of babies have been scanned and thousands more families have experienced the wonder of new life.

It is a first for the Kimberley Region to have a dedicated and mobile 3D Ultrasound business. Babybond3D using the VinnoV5 – Vision in Innovation- portable Ultrasound machine with 2D,3D and 4D scanning capability. Its portability permits BabyBond3D to travel to Kununurra and other regional towns from their base in Broome .


We provide packages to suit you and your budget. On most scans we provide you with a USB of images and short video clips and 4 x 6” photos to take home with you.

Your baby is the star of this show.

The answers to your questions...

What is the best time for my 3D scan?

Often around 25-27 weeks we get nice images of the face especially if there is adequate fluid and baby is in a good position. As baby is moving around there will often be opportunities to get clear pictures by the end of the scan. Generally scanning your baby between 25-31 weeks is a good time for scans. Before this time baby can appear a little thin as it hasn't put much fatty tissue on and after this time baby can settle low in the pelvis and face views are more difficult. We can look at baby at any time and happy to discuss options with you. You can see clear and realistic pictures throughout your pregnancy. In early stages of pregnancy (20 to 24 weeks) you can see amazing baby movements. Later in the pregnancy you may see more details of the face and less activities of the baby. We suggest that you please try to see us before 31 -32 weeks.
If you are carrying twins, we recommend to have your 3D session between 23-30 weeks of pregnancy.

Can I find out if it's a boy or girl?

Yes, you can. The sex is determined after 17 weeks and the accuracy while not 100% is higher with 3D ultrasound. It depends on the baby’s position, amniotic fluid around the baby, location of the cord and the mother’s body type.
If our sonographer is unable to determine the sex of the baby during a 'Pink or Blue' package, a repeat session is offered at no additional charge.

Can I have the 3D scan if I do not want to know the sex of my baby?

Yes. Gender determination is 100% OPTIONAL. If you do not wish to find out the gender of your baby, we ensure you that you will not know. Our sonographers have years of experience and know how to avoid the gender area.

Who is performing my 3D ultrasound?

We only employ qualified and Australian Accredited Sonographers to perform your scans. All our Sonographers have years of experience scanning pregnancies and are passionate about providing you with an experience you will cherish for a life time.

Do I need a referral for this scan?

No. Since our service is for parental keepsake purposes, we do not require any referral documents from a doctor.
We do however insist that you have had a diagnostic scan of this pregnancy before you make your 3D appointment. This includes your 12 week NT Scan, 19-20 week Anatomy Scan or Growth Scan.

What if my scan shows something wrong or I need help after my appointment?

We are not a diagnostic ultrasound company, so we will not be looking for any abnormalities of your pregnancy. This is covered during your routine medical scans.
Very rarely, there may be a problem that is totally unexpected. If this is the case, we will ensure you are informed and a plan of care arranged before you leave our rooms. Your Doctor may request a diagnostic scan which can be reported by a Specialist Radiologist.

If you become concerned about any aspect of your scan, you can contact us and our staff will discuss any concerns that you may have.

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