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Tembo the Heartbeat Elephant

TEMBO the Heartbeat Elephant


Baby Heartbeat Animal


Tembo, the Heartbeat Elephant, has a trunkload of love. The smartest animal in Heartbeat family, Tembo remembers everything.

A symbol of good luck, like all elephants, Tembo is powerful, loyal and wise. Roaming around under a gigantic blue sky and looking for snacks are a few of Tembo’s favourite things to do.

Growing up big and strong, Tembo will make the perfect companion. With his big flappy ears, a long trunk and dangly legs, Tembo will bring an abundance of love into your life and will never forget to keep your babies’ heartbeat safe.


    Limited Stock 
    Please check availability with your sonographer



    Item can be picked up at time of appointment. If delivery required please contact

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